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Talking Country brings you interviews with British Country Artistes, as well as those touring the UK.




Josh Beddis Interview – 19th August 2019
We caught up with Josh on Skype, to talk briefly about his upcoming debut EP ‘One For Sorrow’.

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Blue County Interview – 22nd April 2019
American Country music duo Blue County, was founded in 2003 by Aaron Benward (also known as Jeoffrey Benward) and actor-singer Scott Reeves.

Steve’s Country Road caught up with them within hours of landing in the UK for their tour, which ends on 30th April.  Speaking to Steve Taggart’s wife Susanne, they literally pulled over to the side of the road, as they journeyed to their first gig in Leicester.  During the conversation, the guys talk about their love for their UK fans and their latest singles, “Broken” and “Firecrackers and Ferris Wheels.

NB: We apologize for the sound quality.

Blue County Music

Roger Peck caught up with some of the artistes at this year’s C2C, so have a listen.