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August 1
New music has been flowing this year and Hannah Paris is so excited to bring you more!

The promotional pack tells us that Hannah’s new track; her 3rd this year is ‘What the Hell’ and it sees a slight departure from her normal Pop/Country as she gets more “rootsy”, with almost a “Jolene” vibe.

Co-written with songwriter Al Davis, it draws its message from the seemingly peaceful lives of local village life.  The sort of place where everything on the surface appears to be idyllic and perfect but behind a few doors it’s not all that it seems.  Scratch the surface and you find that drugs, booze, adultery and addiction are not too far below.

‘What the Hell’ blows the lid off the secrets that lie behind the roses around the door image.  Plus it has a very catchy hook so you can enjoy it any way you like.

What The Hell’ is available to pre-save now via

July 31

Helena Mace has announced that her next album is due for release this month, produced by 2 fantastic producers, Nine Yards music and Hangover Hill recording studios, both in Dorset.

Unbroken is an album about love, heartache, troubles in life and coming through the other side.

The album is about relatable experiences that Helena and others have gone through in life as well as her own battles with her brain tumour.


With the reminiscence of Anne ‘Snowbird’ Murray, the album boasts 4 top 10 hits from the UK country iTunes charts (‘Save It For Another Day’, ‘Runaround’ and ‘Take Me Away’), as well as a stripped-back ballad of the title track, plus a live acoustic recording with just Helena and her guitar amongst others.

Unbroken is available on CD and will be released on worldwide download on August 21, and pre-order on the 10.

July 29
UK based country singer-songwriter Biddy Ronelle and the multi-talented, hit writing singer-songwriter David Luke have teamed up to create an emotionally charged anthem of a charity single ‘Let The Music Play’ which is due to be released on August 28.

‘Let The Music Play’ is a love letter to an industry that has been hit hard during the pandemic and speaks to everyone who works in the music and arts industry.  It’s a duet in every sense of the word with Biddy telling the story of a theatre performer and David telling the story of a venue owner.  It’s a song that many in the industry can relate to and support.

The single is released in association with the charity Help Musicians and is available to pre-order from August 14 with all sales of the single going direct to the charity.

July 20

Peter broke out on to the Country Music scene in 2017 with his much anticipated E.P, “Superman” and now, after performing the song live, the son of late legend Lonnie Donegan, is releasing his next single ‘Thank You Texas’ on August 7.

Peter co-wrote the song at the Buddy Holly Songwriting retreat in Lubbock Texas, in association with the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation and is now available to pre-save via his website


July 20
Following the success of their latest single Even If, independent UK duo Holloway Road have announced their brand new project Twenty Twenty.

Produced entirely during the lockdown, the pair shared ideas and recorded remotely while isolating in separate houses.

The three-song EP will be available to stream/download on October 2
here), with the first new track ‘Senseless’ coming August 7th.



July 17
Katie O’Malley and the band are over the moon to announce her shiny new single ‘Wild West’, which is due to land on Friday, August 7.

This will then be followed by an E.P of the same name.

Keep an eye on her socials,  for more details, but for now, you can pre-save the single HERE.


July 7
Today we found out that Martin Kemp, from Spandau Ballet, isn’t the only one who is a talented singer in his family, as his 30-year-old daughter Harleymoon Kemp has let us know about her new single release.

The debut single ‘Space’ is a feel-good, mid-tempo country track, and the first in a series of releases that she will be releasing throughout the coming months.

Harleymoon is the daughter of Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp and Shirlie Holliman of Wham! and the sister of Capital FM DJ Roman Kemp.  She premiered a clip of the video on Loose Women and the song has since hit #1 on the digital sales chart (country music genre).

She says:
I wanted a romantic song as the first release before we get into the heartbreak stuff.. the pain is coming next! ‘Space’ was a song that felt like candlelight, being in a sacred space, in a love that was otherworldly.  It was produced by Fred Abbott of Noah and The Whale.

‘Space’ is already receiving spins has received a great quote from Lewis Carnie, Head of BBC Radio 2 (“Lovely voice and a nice song too”).

The track has also been supported on the major editorial playlists on TIDAL so we are pretty thrilled with the performance so far.

In addition to her own musical output, Harleymoon has penned hit songs ‘Keep it To Myself’ which charted in the top 10 in Eastern Europe for Jazzu and DJ Jovanni and followed up with ‘Should have Known’ and ’20 Seconds’ with streams in the millions. She co-wrote ‘Is She Gonna Be There’ for Violet Skies which has nearly 3 million streams.

This year Harleymoon also wrote a viral song on TikTok reaching 1 billion shares and has two commissioned songs – the title music to ITV show ‘Sunday Best’, and a VW commercial in June.

Due for release on August 7, you can follow Harleymoon Kemp on SPOTIFY INSTAGRAM TWITTER and FACEBOOK



July 6
Not long now before the official release of the brand new single from Northern Souvenirs.

Following the success of their smash hit ‘My Page’, the eagerly anticipated single ‘Niagara Falling’ will be released on July 17, but you can Pre-save on Spotify now.



June 22

UK Country Duo ‘Tennessee Twin’ are delighted to announce their new single ‘Every Story’ will be released on July 10

The single is the first release from the pair since the Covid-19 lockdown and was recorded and produced entirely remotely with their backing band ‘The Railroaders’.

Featuring a catchy, infectious, upbeat chorus in a modern country/Americana style, ‘Every Story’ is a cautionary tale about not taking everything at face value. 

The lyrics feature three mini-stories about fictional characters, whose back-stories are more complex than they first appear.  Acoustic guitar, banjo and drums give verses a traditional country feel, while the chorus offers a more modern, country-pop/rock vibe.

Tennessee Twin stated:
‘While recording in lockdown presented some new challenges it wasn’t going to stop us getting our new music out there. We’re delighted that initial reactions to the song have been extremely positive and we’re really looking forward to sharing it with our fans and new listeners alike.’

The song is available for pre-order on download platforms like the iTunes Store, Google Play and on Amazon on Friday, June 26 and available to pre-save on streaming services such as Spotify the same day. 

June 20

Northern Irish Country Pop/Rock Duo The Rising return with their new single.   The latest in their monthly single release strategy, ‘I Want You’ will be available across all digital and streaming platforms July 10.

Press Release

After last month’s dark and heavy subject matter the duo lightens things up with the breezy and summery ‘I Want You’.  The song itself is about the feeling of falling in love.  Those early stages when you are lusting after someone.  But, you are not sure if the other person feels the same way.

So the song recounts those first moments of wanting to be with someone.  Through to being their everything and those moments when you turn the lights down low and imagine all the bad things you can do.

Throughout the monthly release strategy, the duo has enjoyed exploring new sonic palettes, song types and generally having fun with music.  Letting the songs guide their own sound without letting marketing get in the way of the creative process.  The duo has also discovered the joy of writing a song and instantly recording it.  Not stewing over ideas. If a song comes quickly then great.  If not, then it’s onto the next idea.  A real moment of creative freedom.

This time, the duo have incorporated a horn section and solo trumpet into the song.  As well as using the recording studio as an instrument, leading to lots of sonic exploration.  Such as playing the banjo with a slide, using distortion on it and reversing it.  The song itself actually comes from an idea that was sung into a phone voice-recording mimicking a trumpet.  After coming off tour we showed the idea to Nathan Simpson.  Nathan then transposed this idea to the trumpet and the song was written around that sequence of notes. 

Proud to be DIY artists Chantelle and Chris recorded, produced and mixed the song themselves. With Chantelle and Chris playing all the instruments on the track.  Apart from the trumpet and Drums. The Drums were tracked by Chris Brush in Nashville.

‘I Want You’ was mastered by Pete Maher (U2, Rolling Stones, The Killers, SnowPatrol and many more) and is available to Pre-save Now!!


June 18
Elles Bailey says that she is chuffed to bits to be releasing this cover of Wilson Pickets ‘Don’t Let The Green Grass Fool Ya‘ on June 26 featuring The Midnight Band (Bob Fridzema – Ivories, Ash Wilson – Guitar’s, Greg Smith – Bass, Phil Wilson – Drums, and Cat Fullbrook – BGV’s)

It is available to Pre-Save on Spotify now.



June 18
UK Singer/songwriter Biddy Ronelle is set to release her third single to follow on from her #1 debut EP,  Aftershocks.

Produced by bandmate Stu Magru, Biddy says:
 “Thrill is a bit of a cheeky single – honestly.  It’s about hooking up – a lot!  It’s adult pop and definitely one of my lighter-hearted songs but we think it’s catchy and hopefully will appeal to a wide range of country, rock and pop fans.  It was initially heading on to my debut EP, but the track ‘Change It’ pipped it to the post”

A brilliant track with a great hook, ‘Thrill’ is due to land on July 31,
but you can
pre-order from Friday, June 26.

June 17
After her latest single ‘Magnetic’ peaked at #2 UK Country iTunes, rising country-pop artist Kelsey Bovey releases brand new EP Not Scared Anymore on June 26

Kelsey say:
“This EP showcases my outlook on life and wanted to prove that my past experiences don’t hold me back from being true to myself.  I felt ‘Not Scared Anymore’ was the right way to represent this EP as it sums up the growth that I have experienced.  If you’re looking for music to let your hair down to this is the one for you!”

Not Scared Anymore is now available to pre-order via iTunes and Amazon


June 17
Kerry Fearon has sent out news on her third single from her forthcoming album project of cover songs, which has been delayed somewhat due to the pandemic situation.

Although she had been hesitant to release it, she feels that now is the time as things are beginning to move again.

Written and recorded originally by Kim Richey Chase Wild Horses’ will be available on all digital downloads from June 26.



June 16
July 24 is the official release date for Emilia Quinn’s latest EP, Firecracker.

The EP will feature 4 full-band tracks, bringing some sass and grit this summer.  It follows on the same path as her latest single ‘Mistakes’, which was released at the end of April.

You can now pre-order your physical copy of Firecracker EP NOW!!



June 12
The new album from The Wandering Hearts is due out August 14.  Released over the anniversary weekend of The Woodstock festival, they say it’s been a labour of love and they can’t wait for you all to hear it.

You can listen to their new single ‘Over Your Body’ here, and pre-order your copy now from the Official StoreSigned copies also available.



June 11

After the moderate chart success of Joe Keeley’s first solo album ‘Headstrong’ in early 2019, Joe went on to pursue a team of musicians that could help take his ‘Alt-Country’ sound to a new and more adventurous level. 

Named The Joe Keeley Band, they have been working on their first studio album, which is where their latest single ‘End of the World’  was taken from.

Written, produced, recorded and mixed by all the band members in a local studio, Blackwood is available for pre-order now, with purchase and streaming everywhere from June 18.

June 10
Phoenix Morby is so happy to confirm that his next single ‘You’ is due for release on his birthday (July 10).

Produced by the amazing Donna Marie along with her great guitar playing, Phoenix says that this is a love story about when you miss someone, which he can’t wait for you to hear.

The single is taken from his forthcoming album ShieldWall, so keep an eye on his socials for more news on this and the release of the single’s video coming soon.



June 10
Just 2 more days before the release of Vic Allen finally releases the fan-favourite ‘I Can’ as her latest single.

Vic says it is also her most favourite song she has ever written and it is available to pre-order and pre-save now via Spotify and iTunes





June 10
It’s definitely the most personal song I’ve ever written. “You left an empty house, empty room, empty draws, yeah you cashed the lot”

Pre-Save & Pre-Order BANG BANG now 



June 10

Halo Music Creative are delighted to reveal the promotional video for the new single ‘Lonely’ by Stuart Landon and is available for PRE ORDER on iTunes now.

Halo said “It would be amazing if you could get behind it. It is a simply stunning song!

So, please head over and support them.  Just search ‘Stuart Landon – Lonely’ and download for 99p.


June 10
Hard-working Independent singer/songwriter Samantha Lloyd has told the BCA that she is releasing her NEW single ‘Burning Light’ on Friday, June 19.

Samantha says:  This song came about when I was walking on a beach in Anglesey with my then-boyfriend.  It’s simply a love song expressing that no matter the weather or circumstance nothing matters as long as you’re with that person. The night I came up with the song it was stormy and no stars could be seen behind the clouds, which gave me inspiration for the first line “I don’t care about the stars in the sky”. I got together with my writing buddy Jay Johnson and we finished the song in my front room. It’s easy-listening pop and I feel it makes for a catchy summer song.”

‘Burning Light’ will be available for pre-order on Friday, June 12 via her media outlets

June 10

London born country artist Swamp Doctor is due to release his new single internationally on Friday, June 26, a classic Country through Silver Fox Records.  ‘Laura Mae’ is the lead single of Swamp Doctor’s self-titled debut album that features the haunting vocals of Alex Maclaine.

The Swamp Doctor is the stage name of singer-songwriter Joe Brack, Who delivers a low Johnny Cash-esque tone in his voice. An artist with a poet’s heart and a warm, intelligent persona to match.


Compiled with nearly 30 years of his back catalogue, his self-titled debut album is expected to land in July and features a handful of artists he’s worked with over his career.  For more information contact:


May 21
UK 6-piece, country-rockers The Heartland Roots Band have announced that their fourth single is set to be released on May 31 and will be available on all platforms.

Formed in Leicester, the band say that they play ‘Heartland Rock’, “a genre which combines elements of country rock, folk, with other rootsy aspects such as blue-eyed soul and rhythm and blues.” 



May 18
Founded in January 2016, A.G.D ( A Good Day) is a country-rock band that includes guitarist and songwriter Paul Jupe, who has announced that he is due to release his first full solo single.

‘Home Town’ will available on all good platforms from June 3, but you can pre-save your copy now.




May 15
After the release of her debut single ‘Homeless’ back in February, Reya Jayne is so excited to announce that her next single, ‘How Good You Are’, will be out on May 29!!!

Available on all social media platforms @reyajaynemusic, the single was produced by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Takoree at Spectrum Studios, London and can be pre-saved on @spotify NOW!!


Photo – Declan Creffield.

May 11

Emily Faye has announced the release date for her upcoming single ‘Fearless’, due to land on Friday, May 18.  Co-written with Sue McMillan, the song came from a place of vulnerability and courage, and the fact that they both come hand in hand.

Emily says:It’s raw and my absolute truth, and it basically shows my ongoing journey from trying to be perfect, to learning to accept that it’s ok not to be.  I really hope you enjoy it and it speaks to you in one way or another.”

Produced by Sue McMillan, Mixed and Mastered by Adrian Hall, you can
Pre-Save your copy now.  It is also available to Pre Order wherever you buy your music.




May 4
‘Is This Home’ – Is the new single from Stuart Landon and due to be released exclusively to Spotify on Friday, May 8!




May 4
Laura Evans is set to release her latest single 
on Friday 8th May from her forthcoming EP, “Running Back To You” which will be released on
July 31.

Pre-orders of the single is available now via iTunes




May 2
Hannah Paris is so happy to share a song she has written as a personal “Thank You” to all the Frontline Fighters & key workers both inside and outside of healthcare.

Due to drop on all platforms Friday 15th May, Hannah will be launching her new single Live on Facebook on Thursday (May 14) at 7 pm!

Pre-order your copy of ‘Frontline Fighters’ now 


May 2

One of Kelsey Bovey’s main goals is to beat her first charting of #29 in the singer-songwriter charts with her next release. And thankfully, just before the Corona Virus Lockdown, she returned to the studio in February to record her next EP.

Although no release date has yet been confirmed, her management has told us that Kelsey is expected to drop her next single ‘Magnetic’, and hopes that the EP will shortly follow.

‘Magnetic’ is due for release on Friday, May 15 and has been recorded and produced by Danny McMahon & Andrea Succi at Puzzle Maker Studios.”. 

Pre-orders will be available from May 8.

May 1
UK Americana Artiste Hannah White has finally released details of her upcoming album with Norwegian A-listers The Nordic Connections.

Hannah is so excited because this self-titled album is the first-ever recorded live, the first-ever album recorded overseas.  The first-ever album recorded with a band, mixed & mastered to tape.  The first-ever album to be out on vinyl and the first-ever album to physically be in shops.

The album is out on June 5, but you can Pre-order from May 8th and you will also receive the new single ‘Pay Me A Compliment’  as a free gift, right there and then.

London-based singer/songwriter Hannah says that “Your support is appreciated now more than ever.”