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The site is dedicated in promoting and supporting of all independent and non-independent country music artistes at all stages of their career.

Founded in August 2018, The British Country Airplay (BCA) is a non-profit project aiming…
                                                                                                                                          …to help promote the UK Country Music scene.


Co-founders Steve and Susanne Taggart came up with the idea of the BCA and with encouragement from Karl Hancock,
(co-founder of Manchester’s Buckle and Boots Festival) they went ahead with the project.

A husband and wife team, we wanted to assist where we can and help British Country Artistes gain more exposure through varied promotions including airplay on Steve’s Country Road (radio show) and their syndicated body of presenters and stations, broadcasting all over the world.

He’s a little bit Country ~ She’s a little bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll!


Steve loves Country Music and is keen to showcase artistes on his own radio shows,
(Steve’s Country Road & The Independent Country Showcase), which broadcasts on numerous terrestrial and digital stations.  You can find out more
 here, including links to his shows.



Co-founder & Web Content Manager
Susanne is a Teddy Girl at heart, who also hosts her own Rock ‘n’ Roll & Rockabilly radio show (The Saturday Hop), but does enjoy listening to Country Music too.


Like we said. It’s all about promotion. 
So how can we help you?

Our News Headlines page is there to let people know what is forthcoming.
If you have any news on upcoming releases, or maybe something special happening within the UK Country Music Scene.  Then send us your submissions for consideration and we will, ‘Shout it Out.

We can add your contact details to our Artiste Directory, along with a brief description.

And not forgetting all the Events, Festivals and Tours we are advertising for FREE.  Although there is Premium Advertising available, offered at Very Low Prices.


As part of our project, we have a list of Artistes and Bands we randomly choose from, for our ‘Artiste of the Week’ (AotW) feature.  This means that we will be looking to showcase you and your music on various syndicated shows and stations.  There will also be a featured page on the BCA’s site, as well as other various associated blogs.

Each week, the AotW will be included in the playlists of participating radio shows, who in turn, will play tracks from the chosen artiste.  So a good selection of songs will be needed, i.e. an EP at least.

We will also need Artiste EPK’s and Press releases, including an up to date bio and some Hi-Res photos, so we can put together for all concerned.  This week’s recipient can be found here

Artiste of the Year Award
We decided to continue our aim promoting British Country Artistes by honouring them with the chance to win a BCA ‘Artiste of the Year’ award.  This will always be chosen by the people who support Country music, here in the UK.
See the latest winner)

Nominate are now closed, but we will open them again soon for our next  UK Country Artiste of the Year.


Since we started the BCA, we have had a tremendous response to our Social Media page and felt it was time to expand our web presence.  So we decided after 5 months to build this website and hope that it will give UK Country Artistes another platform to get their music to a wider audience.

Because that is what it’s all about.  Getting the information to the fans of Country Music.

Find out what else we can offer to help the UK Country Music Scene, and if we have missed anything, please let us know.

At The End of the Day, We are Here to Help You.
So Let’s Work Together!


NB: If you are a UK Country Artiste or Band and would like to be considered for the ‘Artiste of the Week’ showcasing segments, plus add your contact details to our new Artiste Directory, then contact us.

And if you are a show or station, who would like to be a part of our AotW syndication, then please let us know.

We hope you can use our services and help this to grow into a successful venture for everyone concerned.

The project is run in association with Steve’s Country Road Radio Show and the Buckle & Boots Festival


The BCA was contacted by Country Music magazine back in November 2018 and given a small questionnaire to tell them about our project.  The feature was in the Dec 18/Jan 19 edition, but you can read the article


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See the Artiste of the Week page for the individual shows who are broadcasting these segment

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If you have issues with any of our pages, then please let us know.


We are also supporters of Country Radio Airplay.
A syndicated body that aims to get the unknown independent country artiste unprecedented exposure.  Not only in this country, as the presenter’s included in this project, air their shows all around the world, which allows you to get maximum airplay from just one email.

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